Horizon Hospice

We all have a beginning; and we all have an end.

The word "hospice" is often associated with an extremely debilitated patient that could not possibly do anything but lie in bed and wait for time to pass, while the inevitable approaches.

The fact is, when a patient is offered hospice care services in a life-limiting diagnosis, they are truly able to start "living" on their terms.

Hospice is not about death, but rather the quality of life as it nears its end. We all define "quality of life" differently, but we hope to leave this existence with some dignity and peace and must not let fear get in the way of expressing our wishes.

With Horizon Hospice, it IS possible to find peace and have hope at the end of life.

Mission Statement

To provide compassionate support to individuals and their families, while addressing the physical, psychosocial and spiritual aspect unique to their end-of-life journey.